Rubber Bumpers – why use them?
Rubber bumpers are an easy way to extend the longevity of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets,
protect your walls in high traffic areas and preserve your furniture from scratches and everyday wear
and tear.

Cabinet bumpers
Our rubber bumpers on cabinet doors protect the veneer of the wood from being scratched,
lengthening the lifespan of the cabinets in your home. They also absorb the impact of slamming doors,
making noisy cabinets a thing of the past! This frees you up to cook with a sleeping baby or sneak down
to the kitchen for a late-night snack without being a nuisance to the rest of the household. Since they
stick to most surfaces, don’t be afraid to use them on vases, picture frames or boxes to protect the
surfaces they stand on as well!

Door bumpers
Do you have that one door in your house that hits the wall every time it’s opened with a little too much
enthusiasm? Or, even worse, every time you open it, it hits that loud spring doorstop that wakes up
anyone in a 10-mile radius! Our rubber doorstops eliminate all those problems instantly. They are quiet,
effective and easy to install. There is no need to screw them in as is the case with the spring doorstops –
just peel and stick them on. They also come in assorted colors to better blend into your baseboard.
Being fairly flat, they also do not pose a trip hazard for unaware passersby.

Rubber feet
Putting rubber feet on small devices such as keyboards and laptops helps protect your furniture from
scratching and your devices from sliding all over the surfaces. With laptops and gaming consoles, they
also help with airflow so that you can use your electronics without the fear of them overheating. Rubber
feet are also great isolators for speakers and stereo equipment, as the sounds are much better when the
speaker is stable and raised off the floor.

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