Clear Soft Close Cabinet Door Bumpers – Made in USA – 1/2″ Diameter Sound Dampening Adhesive Transparent Rubber Pads – Circular Flat Top 50 PCs

Clear Soft Close Cabinet Door Bumpers – Made in USA – 1/2″ Diameter Sound Dampening Adhesive Transparent Rubber Pads – Circular Flat Top 50 PCs


  • Sheet of 50 small cylindrical shaped bumpers measuring 1/2″ diameter x 3.5mm thickness; Color: Clear or Transparent
  • CUSHIONING & DAMPENING: These Soft Durometer sound dampening bumpers provide soft and quiet close for any cabinet door, drawer. These bumper pads help preserve the life of the hardware by cushioning impact area and preventing loud slamming
  • PROTECT FURNITURE TOPS: Protect your furniture from wear and tear. Stick these surface guards to the bottoms of boxes, vases and other trinkets and gadgets that sit on tables or counters made of glass, wood, marble or any other material you do not want to damage or scratch.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Clear pads stick onto the bottoms, doors, legs, backs of small furniture for a non-intrusive way to add protection without compromising your interior design or look of a room.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE: Easy to use with the built in self adhesive that easily sticks to tables, desks, banisters, cabinets or any other furniture that needs cushioning or sound dampening. Sticks to glass, wood, metal, ceramic, granite and more!


Product description

Style: 50PC-Clear-Circle

Premium Quality Soft Durometer Sound Dampening Bumper Pads!

Protect your cabinets, furniture, decor, walls and floors with these premium surface cushion guards! Soft protectors have a built-in self adhesive to easily attach to any material for non-slip, scratch-proof furniture protection from abrasion, vibration, shock and noise in your home or office.

Find a simple solution to reckless damage to your favorite design pieces with these nifty and essential protectors!

  • 50-Piece Sheet
  • Soft Durometer Bumpers for a quiet close
  • 3.5mm Thickness
  • 12.7mm Wide
  • Made of Molded Polyurethane
  • Made in USA

Applications include Cabinets, Drawers, Glass Products, Sliding Doors, Furniture, Windows, Wall Hangings, Plastics, Small Appliances, Audio & Video Equipment, Computers, Laptops, Wall Protection, Corner Protection and many other uses at Home and Office.Application Instructions:

– Make sure the target application surface is clean, dry and free of debris.

– Clean the surface with a mild solvent such as alcohol if needed

– Grasp bumper on the sides without touching the adhesive

– Press bumper firmly into place on application surface

– NOTE: Bumper cannot be repositioned without ruining adhesive.

Technical Details

Additional information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 122 × 121 × 451 cm


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