About Us

GorillaGrit is your one-stop shop for superior self-adhesive polyurethane rubber bumpers and other hardware products. Our extensive product line includes cabinet bumpers, door bumpers, glass top bumpers, picture frame bumpers, specialty bumpers, natural rubber door stoppers, etc. With a broad suite of comprehensive experience in this industry, we have established our reputation as the leading supplier of high-quality bumpers that are also competitively priced.
We hold ourselves to very high standards and are committed to meeting your home and business needs; consequently, we offer bumpers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. With our exceptional customer service and sales force, you can be assured that we will always meet and exceed your expectations; and our parts can be shipped the same day they are ordered.
We maintain an extensive inventory of more than 50 different bumpers, which are certified and industry-standard compliant. We are RoHS and WEEE Compliant, Lead-Free, and UL Recognized to name a few.
Please contact us or call us at 609-436-9789 if you need any help ordering or choosing the correct products for your home or office.

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